Our delectable A2 Desi Ghee is made from Desi cow milk from our own farm . We provide fresh fodder and ample sunlight to our beloved cows, which guarantees it's purity further.


Regular ghee is made of A1 or others breeds of cow or buffalo milk, while A2 Desi ghee is essentially made of pure desi breed cows' milk which has number of medical values that enhance your health..

Yes. Ghee is normally safe to consume for lactose intolerant. Plus, consuming A2 Desi Ghee is lighter on stomach and helps to build immunity greatly.

Ghee is made from curd, which is churned with wooden churner to get pure butter. Then it is boiled untill pure ghee is procured from it. This process is mentioned in vedic text.

It is Made in small batches, hence no two batches can be identical. There might be difference in color, texture, arome, taste. But be rest assured that the quality and nutrients are maintained.

In case damaged product is received, customer can email us with photo of the outer and inner packaging. We will replace and dispatch the damaged product.

Mittal Happy Cows Dairy Farm LLP is Pune based fastest growing dairy farm, which offers products like A2 Desi Cow Milk, Paneer, and soon will be launching Buttermilk and A2 Dahi.

Ghee doesn’t turn bad quickly because it doesn’t have any milk solids and is made with traditional Bilona method. It has longer shelf life . ( But it won't be around u that long! It's heaven in jar! )

No, you don't need to refrigerate it, because it's simmerd and cooked longer, and of spreadable consistency.

Any time you would use butter, or any type of cooking oil, you can use ghee! Ghee is the perfect healthy cooking fat.

Absolutely! Consuming small amount of Ghee while on being diet will not only boost your metabolism and immunity but is also great source of healthy fatty acids

Yes indeed! The butter ( makkhan ) comes from our Desi Cow's milk, which are fed fresh fodder in our farm.

Don't throw away at all ! It can never 'go bad ' ever though, but you can still use it in may ways. Such as, skin moisturizer, hair oil replacement, eye make up remover and so on...